Based at The Fusions Martial Arts Centre, & numerous health and fitness centres within the district of Bradford; as a prospective client you are entitled to a free 30 min friendly no obligation consultation where we’ll discuss everything from current fitness activities to nutrition & goals. Once you’re happy to proceed we will establish your short, medium & long term goals.


Dependant on what route you want to take; we will cater everything around YOUR preferences;


May that be following the martial arts route or traditional fitness exercise route; adherence to the programme is one of the most important factors in hitting your goals.

A typical programme will involve;


  • Initial discussion about your lifestyle/ work activities.
  • Body composition testing to give a more accurate ratio of fat to lean muscle.
  • Setting of short (2 weeks), medium (12 weeks) & long term goals (26 weeks)
  • Drafting an initial workout plan depending on previous history of exercise.
  • Analyse a 1 week food diary and offer nutritional guidance to help achieve your goals quicker.
  • Within the next 2 weeks make any adjustment to the plan.

All the while having weekly progress checks to see how you’re getting on with the programme & adjusting your goals if need be.


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